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'Avengers: Infinity War' Is About To Lose Its Box Office Rank

'Avengers: Infinity War' Is About To Lose Its Box Office Rank

A recent release has outsold Avengers: Infinity War at the US box office.

It’s no surprise that Avengers: Infinity War performed so well at the box office. Audiences continue to reliably flock to see the latest MCU films but the Avengers movies in particular are true event cinema, earning Avengers: Infinity War the ranking of being the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. It turns out though, it’s got new competition - Top Gun: Maverick.

We had the chance to chat to producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Joseph Kosinski about Top Gun: Maverick. Take a look below.

Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel has dazzled audiences. In our review, GAMINGbible’s James wrote, “Top Gun: Maverick is close to perfect. It’s serious yet silly. It’s visually impressive beyond belief. Most of all, it’s a sequel that honours the past while making the most of what films are capable of in the modern day. A must-see movie for fans, and an epic blockbuster for all.” High praise.

The film has the box office results to back up its critical success and whilst its someway off matching Avengers: Infinity War’s all-time sales, it has surpassed Infinity War’s domestic figures. As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter (via ComicBook), Top Gun: Maverick has now earned a whopping $700 million in the US whereas Avengers: Infinity War’s domestic total sits at $678,815,482.

This makes Top Gun: Maverick the sixth highest-grossing film of all time in the US. In total, Maverick’s box office sales sit at $1.35 billion which is quite a way off Infinity War’s $2,048,359,754. Dizzying numbers, right? It’s a hugely impressive result for Top Gun: Maverick seeing as no one particularly saw this sequel coming. It was worth that 25 year wait.

Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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