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'Apex Legends' Season 14 Hunted Set To Reforge An Iconic Map

'Apex Legends' Season 14 Hunted Set To Reforge An Iconic Map

An iconic Apex locale is set to get a dose of TLC from developers Respawn Entertainment, alongside a level increase and balancing updates.

Ever since the launch of Apex Legends in February 2019, Kings Canyon has cemented itself as a firm favourite amongst Apex players and in the upcoming Season 14 update dubbed ‘Hunted’, the iconic locale is set to get a healthy dose of TLC from developers Respawn Entertainment. But that isn’t all Season 14 brings. Alongside these exciting new map updates, the season is set to introduce a host of balancing improvements as well as a level cap increase. 

Up until now, dedicated players have only been able to reach level 500 in Apex Legends, which is an incredible achievement in itself, but soon you’ll be able to go even higher as the level 500 ceiling has been shattered, allowing players to loop through them three more times (similar to that of a prestige mode). The new levels will enable players to collect Legend Tokens and Apex Packs, as well as allow more players to get their hands on precious heirloom items for their favourite legends. 

Get ready for Season 14 with the new Apex Legends: Hunted Launch Trailer - Check it out below: 

Respawn are also continuing their trend of focusing heavily on the state-of-Apex in this upcoming update, introducing a host of balancing changes as well as a new weapon upgrade which is set to change the way players approach combat. Respawn have added a new Laser Sight upgrade, which when paired with an SMG or Pistol can give you the upper hand in close quarters combat, allowing you to be accurate without needing to aim down sights that might well save you in the heat of the battle. Alongside that, the weapon split and ammo economy have been evened out, with familiar weapons such as the Wigman now using Sniper ammo and Spitfire LMG using light ammo. 

And finally, it wouldn’t be a new season if it didn’t bring with it some form of map update, and in Season 14 we’re heading back to where it all started - Kings Canyon. The first map we all dropped into back in 2019 is changing for the better. In keeping with the extensive Apex lore, Respawn have added new points of interest (POIs) - so now, what was once Skull Town, has risen from the ashes as Relic. Popular ambush locations have been altered, either widening or closing them off entirely. Some POIs have been simplified, opening up or altering them to help with the flow of the game. Respawn’s goal with these updates is to add compelling new areas for players to explore. But that isn’t all. Kings Canyon has been treated to a new colour palette, Respawn’s lighting team has relit the entire map, which helps to breathe new life into an old but classic location. 

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For me, Kings Canyon will always be a standout map when it comes to Apex Legends, so to see it getting some love in this upcoming Season is a wonderful sight and I’m excited to drop in, just as I’m sure many of you are reading this. Luckily we don’t have long to wait, as the upcoming Apex Legends ‘Hunted’ season is set to drop on August 9th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. 

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