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Apex Legends: Saviors - Monstrous Map Updates, New Mobile Launch Details

Apex Legends: Saviors - Monstrous Map Updates, New Mobile Launch Details

Apex's newest map is getting a beastly update you don't want to miss

The release of the mobile version of Apex Legends is just around the corner. In a recent briefing, developers shared details on the upcoming release, and stated a worldwide launch would be coming in May 2022. About time too, considering beta testing has been ongoing since 2021. 

Apex Legends’ developers, Respawn Entertainment, are promising plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into, including mobile-exclusive modes, a classic World’s Edge map with twists and turns for old-school fans, and more. The standalone game has been built from the ground up, promising optimised controls for mobile-first players. Apex Legends Mobile will also feature iconic legends at launch, including Bloodhound, Pathfinder and Wraith, and I’m sure plenty more at a later date. So it won’t be long until you’re coming out on top on your iOS and Android devices on the go. 

Apex’s newest battle royale map, Storm Point, will be getting a beastly update when the game’s season 13, Saviors, drops. As seen in the latest Saviors trailer, Storm Point finds itself under attack and the only thing that stands in the way is our trusty legends. Thankfully, the legends come out on top, but what remains is a massive carcass from the downed sea beast. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the recent Apex Legends: Saviors trailer, watch it below… 

The carcass introduces a new POI into the mix, and players will have the chance to explore the belly of the beast, and discover what treasure awaits. That’s not all, though. The Storm Point evolution also introduces IMC armouries, which feature weapons guarded by robotic Spectres. This PvE minigame element can be hugely rewarding, especially as the more waves you survive the better loot you’ll get.

Storm Point also features new smart bins, which tailor loot depending on your current loadout - meaning every time you loot one, more often than not it’ll be worthwhile. That’s still not all though, this new Apex season comes with various updates to the battle pass and ranked elements, with even more rewards for skill and teamwork. 

So if you’re in need of some giant leviathan action, Apex Legends: Saviors could be just what you’re looking for when it launches on May 10. The Respawn team have gone all in, further enhancing one of its newest maps, keeping it fresh and exciting, whilst also introducing an exciting PvE mini game which is sure to change the tide of the game should you wish to take advantage. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll see you in the giant underbelly that’ll soon be rotting away on Storm Point. 

Featured Image Credit: EA

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