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Animal Crossing Grandma Celebrates Her 90th Birthday With 'New Horizons' Gifts

Animal Crossing Grandma Celebrates Her 90th Birthday With 'New Horizons' Gifts

In the latest video released on her grandson's YouTube channel, Audie shows off her New Horizons island, and celebrates her 90th birthday.

In incredibly wholesome news, the internet’s favourite gamer grandma has turned 90. Audrey Buchanan rose to fame in January 2019, when her grandson, game designer Paul Hubans, posted a picture of her 3DS activity log to Twitter. At the time, she’d logged a colossal 3580 hours into Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Hubans was saving up to get her a Switch so she could play New Horizons, too.

So, I’m sure that everyone will be pleased to know that she’s still healthy and well, and still very much into Animal Crossing. In the latest video published to her grandson’s YouTube channel, we’re treated to an updated tour of Audrey’s island, which would definitely put many players’ own islands to shame. Check it out below.

For her momentous birthday, there was no better way to celebrate than with lots of Animal Crossing themed gifts, and so her grandson showered her with exactly that. Some highlights from her haul include a Build-A-Bear Isabelle plushie, some ACNH fluffy socks, a bell bag blanket, and a wooden Animal Crossing calendar. Although she was super happy and grateful for everything, she said she’s got enough merch now: “Don’t buy me any more!” 

ICYMI... check out this video for more information about New Horizons' Happy Home Paradise DLC.

The release of New Horizons brought a super sweet surprise for the Animal Crossing grandma and her family - one of the new villagers introduced in the game, an adorable peppy wolf, was named Audie. Although they might not share exactly the same name, Audie is the name that Audrey uses for her Animal Crossing character, as was shown in her original New Leaf tour video. It’s never been officially confirmed, but this left many people speculating if the villager could have been named after her, as a subtle nod from Nintendo. The timing of it all would line up really well, and Audie isn’t the most common name in the world, so I’ll certainly choose to believe it, anyway.

If you need more wholesomeness in your life, Huban’s YouTube channel has plenty of other videos with his gran, so be sure to catch up on those if you hadn’t already seen them. My heart is so warm.

Featured Image Credit: phubans via YouTube, Nintendo

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