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'Andor' Fans React To Awesome 'Knights Of The Old Republic' Easter Egg

'Andor' Fans React To Awesome 'Knights Of The Old Republic' Easter Egg

The latest episode of Star Wars: Andor includes a reference to Bioware's Knights Of The Old Republic.

Safe to say, Star Wars: Andor has gone down well with critics and fans alike. The series has a higher critical score than Rogue One and in our own review, we called Andor a “triumph,” writing that “[Andor is] a compelling and twisting drama that utilises the vast Star Wars universe to elevate what is already an extremely gripping plot.” Last week, fans hilariously rejoiced over a major character's death and in this week’s fourth episode, a very cool Easter egg has been spotted.

We sat down with Cassian Andor himself, Diego Luna, to chat about the show. Take a look below.

The latest episode of Andor actually features a Knights Of The Old Republic Easter egg. I’m sure glad someone spotted it because I can attest that I certainly didn’t. During the episode, Luthen hands Cassian a kyber crystal necklace, telling him, “Blue kyber. Sky stone. The ancient world celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders.”

You may be piecing it together now. The Rakata first appeared in Bioware’s Knights Of The Old Republic game back in 2003. The Ratakans were responsible for building the Star Forge - a fortress that could create and build endless droids and ships. It’s unusual to hear KOTOR referenced in contemporary Star Wars so this certainly took fans by surprise. Take a look at some of our favourite reactions below.

With eight episodes still to go, I’m sure Andor will have plenty more surprises up its sleeve. Who else is excited for Saw Gerrera to show up?

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus, LucasArts

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