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Amouranth starring as character in new adult anime game

Amouranth starring as character in new adult anime game

The announcement actually arrived late last year, but the game needs another artist.

With over six million followers on Twitch and several lucrative businesses on the side, everything Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa does is watched with eagle eyes. She's one of the Internet's biggest stars, and now, she's looking for an artist to help her in a game that she herself is starring in.

Last year, the successful Twitch streamer and entrepreneur shocked her fans when it transpired that she had been trapped in an alleged abusive relationship. On her own channels, she had given the impression of someone who was mostly contented and very confident, however in October, she streamed while on the phone to her now-ex husband. Siragusa had been ordered to pretend that she was single for "financial opportunities" and didn't have any access to her bank accounts. Fortunately, following a police investigation and legal counsel, she has separated and said that "life is better" choosing how she dresses and what she plays online.

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Siragusa shared on social media that she is seeking an artist to commission for portraits of herself in an anime style. These would be for the game Hentai Heroes, where the player groups together a "harem" of collectible characters. Her arrival in the game was announced in December by the developer of the game, depicting her in two of her famous cosplays of Mary-Jane Watson and Daphne from Scooby-Doo. Whoever is commissioned will be paid and potentially contacted again for further work, though it is imagined that Siragusa is receiving a handsome sum for her likeness in Hentai Heroes.

Two years ago, at the height of the hot tub meta, Siragusa explained that the harassment she got from vitriolic viewers wasn't unique to the role of a streamer. “I have thought about it - like, is it worth it? I really do think it is because every job has its stresses,” she said in an interview. “Every job has stuff that isn’t peachy-keen perfect. Like if you’re in retail, you have to deal with annoying Karens all day.”

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Instagram

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