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Amouranth Stalker Arrested After Travelling From Europe For Alleged Break-In Attempt

Amouranth Stalker Arrested After Travelling From Europe For Alleged Break-In Attempt

The alleged stalker is said to have streamed his attempts to meet Amouranth

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has claimed a man who travelled all the way from Northern Europe was arrested after trying to break into her house.

In a troubling series of tweets, Siragusa said that she was scared her for life. On June 7, she said that a man had been walking around her neigbourhood while hosting a Twitch stream called "Find Kaitlyn And Make Her Mine".

On June 15, the Twitch star revealed that a man who had come from Estonia had been arrested following an alleged break-in attempt.

“My stalker traveled from Estonia, Europe and came to my city, camping out in a hotel with line of sight to my PO BOX and spent OVER A MONTH camping out daily at a Starbucks next to my PO box,” she wrote on Twitter.

It's believed that the stalker had been camped out in and around Siragusa's neighborhood since early May. The streamer claims that the man went "scorched Earth", selling everything and leaving his life in Europe to come on a "hopeless and self-destructive pilgrimage".

She continued: “He hocked his worldly ties, selling his house, his car, ALL HIS POSSESSIONS, his CAT EVEN.  All by his own admission and in a series of publicly posted and privately detailed (vlogged) videos. Almost a manifesto. The only things he brought with him other than his phone and the clothes on his back, was a saxophone and a change of clothes (formal attire). The saxophone would appear in a few livestreams of himself playing in public places across Houston, serenading no one in particular.”

Siragusa alleges that whenever she refused to meet with the man, he responded with “liar liar fiancé".

On June 13, Siragusa claimed that the authorities were alerted after he tried to get into her home after walking nearby for around 30 minutes. She claims he streamed himself outside "mumbling" about how he knew what he was doing was wrong.

“When he started trying to break in/gain entry, I called 9-11," she wrote. "Dispatch was rude, cutting me off, and putting me on hold. It took 33 mins from me calling 9-11 (having previously already explain the situation to the closest PD branch) for the first responders to arrive.”

Siragusa says she hired armed protection after being made aware of the stalker, and criticised the “lack of motivation for law enforcement".

Featured Image Credit: Amouranth via Twitch / Pxfuel

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