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AdinRoss' security guard seemingly breaks his arm on stream

AdinRoss' security guard seemingly breaks his arm on stream

This is not for the faint of heart.

Some absolutely awful things have happened while streaming live for all of the Internet to savour, and Adin Ross has just added to that collection with the moment when his security guard Ant seemingly broke his arm in an arm wrestle.

Only two weeks ago did Twitch streamer TheDannyHammer dislocate his knee during a Call of Duty game, leaving him in intolerable pain before he got medical attention. A Runescape streamer bashed his head on his keyboard and fell unconscious after bagging a super-duper rare item. And another guy got attacked by a bat. It's just unbelievable that a pastime that mainly involves sitting down still for long periods of time can cause such unfortunate outcomes.

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Twitch star Adin Ross, who has over 10 million followers across both Twitch and YouTube, was streaming an arm wrestle between his security guard Ant and fellow YouTuber Zias. It's a tough match and Ant almost won before disaster struck.

To the sensitive stomachs in the audience today, I recommend not watching the clip. If you go ahead and ignore me, that's fine, I wouldn't watch it with the volume up. There are of course people who scrolled past all of this spiel in their hubris and are going to get a terrible shock in the next minute. Viewer discretion is advised:

Based on how everyone else in the room reacts, that sound that you hear is likely to be the man's bone snapping. Ross' mouth falls open in shock and he quickly moves the table out of the way to attend to his security guard and switch off the stream while swearing profusely. In other words, it doesn't look to be a prank, even though the man is extremely calm. That'll probably be thanks to the adrenaline in his body numbing the pain and allowing him to think clearly before the shock sets in.

At the moment, the streamer hasn't issued an update on Ant's status so we hope that the injury isn't as severe as it appeared.

Featured Image Credit: Adin Ross via Twitch, Twitter

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