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Starfield: How and where to sell items from your inventory

Starfield: How and where to sell items from your inventory

Here's everything you need to know about controlling your Starfield inventory mass via selling to the Trade Authority.

You’ll be able to swipe plenty of items in Starfield’s vast world, from a useless staple gun to the very helpful Med Packs. Everything you scavenge can either be used or sold, so it won’t take long before you start realising you should probably be filling your pockets. The issue is, inventory management is key - and if you exceed your inventory mass, you’ll become encumbered.

To view your inventory mass, press Menu on your controller. It’s listed in the bottom right corner of the main UI, near to your actual inventory. If the maximum limit is exceeded, you won’t be able to fast travel and will be unable to run or jog for very long before running out of oxygen. It’s then incredibly important that you learn how to control your inventory mass via selling your unwanted items.

Take a look at Starfield in action below.

While you can drop items on the floor to quickly lower your inventory mass, that means you’re giving away valuable credits for free. Instead, you’re going to want to sell as much as possible so get accustomed to visiting the Trade Authority.

Where can I sell items in Starfield?

To sell items, you’re going to need to utilise the services of the Trade Authority, either at one of their depots or via a Trade Authority terminal (a kind of self-service machine).

You’ll find examples of both dotted around the galaxy. Perhaps the easiest to reach example lies at the New Atlantis spaceport. After landing your ship in New Atlantis, exit and walk straight ahead. You’ll see a yellow electronic terminal directly to the side of the port’s ship services technician. You can use this to sell goods. There is a Trade Authority desk located in New Atlantis’ The Well district too.

Starfield /

You’ll find similar examples across the galaxy, including in other key hubs like Neon and Cydonia. To locate a Trade Authority outlet: major locations will have ‘information machines’ dotted throughout the city. Simply approach and open one of these machines using A. The machine will tell you which commercial outlets are available in that particular city and which district these can be found in.

How do I sell items to the Trade Authority in Starfield?

If you’re at a Trade Authority terminal, hover over the machine and press A to activate it. If you’re speaking to a Trade Authority employee in person, strike up a conversation. In these instances, you may be required to ask what they have for sale. Once you’ve asked this, you can then press LB to switch to your own wares and sell from here.

Once you’re in your inventory via either method, simply scroll down and use A to select items you want to sell. Your credits are then automatically added.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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