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PlayStation Plus' new free game is taking up hundreds of hours of players' lives

PlayStation Plus' new free game is taking up hundreds of hours of players' lives

Lose yourself

Sometimes we want games that we can beat in a weekend or two. Other times we find ourselves craving a game that we can properly sink hundreds of hours into in the blink of an eye.

Weirdly enough, PlayStation Plus' latest free game somehow manages to be both. Whether you're looking for a quick fix or, like the rest of us, are trying to forget about Starfield until September with something meaty, this new PlayStation Plus Extra offering is perfect.

Originally released on PC way back in 2020, Rogue Legacy 2 is an immaculately polished and endlessly playable mish-mash of metroidvania and roguelike. It quickly earned a 9/10 over on Steam, and proceeded to consume a worrying portion of my life when it hit Nintendo Switch some time later.

The basic premise of Rogue Legacy 2 is simple enough: you play as a noble hero, tasked with exploring a massive dungeon in search of treasure, enemies, and bosses. The catch? Each time you die you come back as an entirely new character - a descendant of your previous hero. Oh, and the dungeon completely shifts and changes for good measure.

No two runs are anything alike, mostly due to the fact each character has their own special traits, weaknesses, and skills.

During one adventure you could be a vampire archer, consuming enemy health with each kill. Another life may see you as a colourblind chef who poops bombs. It's a genius conceit, and one that keeps the game feeling fresh.

You will, of course, be able to apply permanent upgrades to all characters by spending the gold you found in previous runs, making it easier to head further into the dungeon and unlock its deepest secrets. In the spirit of Metroid, you'll also track down special items that can enhance movement and make navigating the dungeon easier - even opening up entirely new areas.

The ever-reliable How Long To Beat suggests that if you get your head down and gun it you'll have blasted through Rogue Legacy 2 in 26 hours - a few weekends. But if you're dead set on exploring every inch of the world, tracking down every secret, and generally just playing the game the way developer Cellar Door clearly intended? Well, you're looking at well over 100 hours. Get stuck in.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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