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The Best PlayStation 5 Games So Far, According To Metacritic

The Best PlayStation 5 Games So Far, According To Metacritic

The PlayStation 5 already has some bangers

The PlayStation 5 isn’t even two years old yet, but it’s already had some genuine bangers. 

Must-play exclusives, excellent ports, astonishing remakes, and world-class third-party games have all found a home on Sony’s new-gen console. So, with the promise of so much more to come, let’s take stock and see what the best games the PS5 currently has to offer, according to the good folk at Metacritic. 

It Takes Two - Hazelight, 2021 (88)

In an age where couch co-op is increasingly regarded as a relic of the past, It Takes Two is a welcome reminder that there’s no greater joy than settling down on the sofa with a friend and blasting through virtual worlds. 

Hazelight’s 2021 Game Of The Year winner is a dizzying delight full of expertly designed 3D platforming challenges, smart puzzles, and constant surprises. A must-play for gamers of all ages and skill levels. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Insomniac Games, 2021 (88)

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of GAMINGbible’s first 10/10 reviews of the decade, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a phenomenal showcase of the PlayStation 5’s power.

Stunning alien vistas are presented in incredible detail, and Insomniac is clearly having an absolute blast leveraging the new-gen console’s extra heft to offer bigger, more ridiculous guns, enemies, and boss battles than ever before. A portal gun that can summon the fecking Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn over a bad guy’s head? How could we not give this game full marks?

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition - Capcom, 2020 (89)

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition /

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is, as I’m sure you already know, pretty much the same as the hit 2019 action game - just with added bells and whistles that make it look even better than before, which is really saying something. 

Fast, loud, and metal AF, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition looks and plays like an absolute dream on PS5. The best way to experience a great game. 

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut - ZA/UM, 2021 (89)

Disco Elysium /

Another GAMINGbible 10/10, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is the definitive version of ZA/UM’s celebrated detective thriller. What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said? It’s beautifully written throughout, and drenched in an atmosphere of quietly bubbling tensions that ultimately come to a head in one of the best scenes in any video game, ever. 

Oh, and it’s the kind of game that will kill your character if you make them sit in a chair the wrong way. If that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade - Square Enix, 2021 (89)

Final Fantasy 7 //
Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade justifies the extra word in the title by adding in some surprisingly new great story content with a fan-favourite character. It also spruces up the base game with some much-needed new textures in certain areas, and an increased resolution and framerate that make battles look better than ever. 

Unfortunately, the game still has Chadley. So it’ll always be, at most, a 6/10 for me. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Square Enix, 2021 (90)

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker /
Square Enix

If Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t already the best MMORPG ever made, it sure as heck is as of Endwalker. The latest major expansion to the beloved Square Enix MMORPG does an incredible job of wrapping up a decade-long story arc, while also providing a fascinating jumping-on point for new players. 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 - Remastered - Vicarious Visions, 2021 (90)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 - Remastered / Activision
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 - Remastered / Activision

This should come as no surprise, really. The original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and its sequel were hot shit when they released back in the day. 

The most recent version, faithfully updated by Vicarious Visions, is a delightfully slick and undeniably beautiful effort that maintains the thrilling arcade action of the original games while introducing a ton of new online features, visual improvements, and new content. A masterpiece. 

Demon’s Souls - Bluepoint, 2020 (92)

Demon's Souls /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

This stunning remake of FromSoftware’s 2010 cult classic proves three things. 

One: developer Bluepoint is absolutely phenomenal at handling remakes (see also: Shadow Of The Colossus). 

Two: Video game graphics have come a scarily long way in ten years. Demon’s Souls is genuinely a little bit unbelievable on PS5, and a real showcase for the console. 

Three: No matter what decade it releases in, the Tower Knight is a shit boss. 

Hades - Supergiant Games, 2021 (93)

Hades /
Supergiant Games

Would you believe we’ve got yet another GAMINGbible 10/10 on our hands? But can you blame us when Hades is just so damn good. First released back in 2018 to critical acclaim, Hades is a genre-defining rogue-like dungeon crawler stuffed with a genuinely alarming amount of content, and a story that ingeniously weaves your many inevitable deaths into the fabric of the tale. A must-play on any console.

Elden Ring - FromSoftware, 2022 (96)

Elden Ring is stuffed full of rock-hard bosses, although many are optional /
Bandai Namco, FromSoftware

Yes, we also gave Elden Ring a 10/10, making this the fourth game on this list to have received a perfect score from us. I swear we don’t give them out that often. Of course, Elden Ring has already become one of the highest-rated games of all time, with more 10/10 reviews than a hotel with a free breakfast buffet. 

Elden Ring is, to put it simply, one of the greatest video games of all time. It’s a mind-bendingly massive game, made all the more rewarding by the fact that it never tells you where to go or what to do. Its mysteries, bosses, and many dungeons are yours to unravel. Hundreds of hours later, and I still don’t feel like I’ve seen everything it has to offer. 

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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