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You Can Now Summon The Legendary Let Me Solo Her Anywhere In 'Elden Ring'

You Can Now Summon The Legendary Let Me Solo Her Anywhere In 'Elden Ring'

Tarnished? More like jarnished, am I right?

Elden Ring has truly captivated gamers everywhere to the point that it’s still the word, or rather two words, on people’s lips two months on.

People have taken to the multiplayer aspect of Elden Ring better than FromSoftware’s other Soulsborne titles. There are the humourous messages such as “Fort Night” in reference to the popular battle royale, “Dog” next to almost any animal in game, and the ever classic “Try Finger But Hole”. Also with invaders, summons and nail-bitingly difficult bosses, more players are interacting than ever before. Then when people were struggling to take down Malenia, one of Elden Ring’s  most treacherous foes, they summoned someone to help. The same guy kept coming to people’s aid. Nude, save a jar on his head, with the name “Let Me Solo Her” the player took down Malenia with ease, and thus a legend was born.

If you want to see some of the most cursed Elden Ring mods then look no further than the video below.

Let Me Solo Her quickly became an Elden Ring legend. The player who goes by Klein Tsuboi has over 2 million views on a video showing his prowess against Malenia. Since then many people have made fan art in his honour, as he continues to help those who call upon his skills.

Someone has now created a new mod in Klein Tsuboi’s honour which lets players summon his Elden Ring character at any time to help in battle. As spotted by Game Rant, Garden Of Eyes offers the mod via his Patreon which players on PC can download and use. 

The mod replaces the Lone Wolf Ashes, so you will need that summon to use it, and after you install the mod you won’t be able to see your lupine friends anymore. However, in their place will be a computerised take on Klein Tsuboi’s character, Let Me Solo Her, who will help you take down any enemy and boss which is causing you pain. 

Unlike the mod, the real character only shows up to help with Malenia - the boss he is best practised at. With this mod you’ll never have to go solo again.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco / Klein Tsuboi YouTube

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