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You Can Play A Bunch Of E3 2021 Games For Free, Right Now

You Can Play A Bunch Of E3 2021 Games For Free, Right Now

Don’t let these pass you by.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

The twilight hours of E3 2021 are upon us, and excitingly enough, you're now able to dip your toes into some of the incredible indies that were part of Microsoft's presentation.

PlayStation, PlayStation, PlayStation. That's everything you ever hear, isn't it? This is when the next stock drop of the console is coming to the United Kingdom. This is why you can't get your hands on one unlike the launch of the PlayStation 4. A second-hand seller sold two litres of water to a person instead of the promised PlayStation 5 and now they've been done for fraud. And, in spite of challenges, the doohickey saw almost three million sales in the first quarter of this year alone. So, when Microsoft started its showcase showing off what's to come for players and the gargantuan strength of Xbox Game Pass, I couldn't help but be reminded of Mark's quandary, wherein he describes his PlayStation 5 as "mostly an expensive Netflix machine."

Announced the other day, check out a trailer for Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming irreverent RPG... The Outer Worlds 2! Yeah, it's probably not working on that rumoured Fallout: New Vegas remaster. Still, this is a very comical poke at marketing for new games.

"If you look at the biggest games in the world, they've found a way to do it across platforms. If you look at Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty..." said Microsoft's corporate vice president head of game creator experience and ecosystem Sarah Bond in an interview with "But they're building different versions, often, for each platform. You can only do that if you're big. If you're a smaller developer, managing all that is not tenable. But if you change the toolsets, you can make it possible to develop for this scenario and distribute it everywhere."

Accordingly, Microsoft has opened the floodgates and encouraged players to try out demos of over 40 indie titles promoted in its presentation. This window starts on June 15th (today!) and ends on June 22nd, and they're available for Xbox Series X'S and Xbox One. Our recommendations? There's Tunic, which has set the GAMINGbible Slack alight this morning. It's the sweetest Soulslike you'll ever see, so read Mike's words on the game here. Or, Sable is a mesmerising open world exploration game boasting an original soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast. The full list will be supplied soon, and it's an excellent opportunity to give something new a go.

Featured Image Credit: Finji, Raw Fury

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