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The OG Windows Pinball game is now playable online for free

The OG Windows Pinball game is now playable online for free

The original Windows 95 pinball game is still playable online for free. Happy days!

The original and best Windows 95 pinball game on PC is still playable online for free if you can believe it.

The internet can certainly be a wonderful place, especially when it comes to preserving classic video game relics of yesteryear. Some of which may have been long forgotten in time.

Back in the mid-90s, Windows 95 was a very early version of the Operating System that we know today. However, as well as running office software, it was able to run some absolute classics. Diablo, Quake II, Championship Manager and DOOM to name but a few.

Furthermore, one of the other most popular Windows 95 games of its time was Full Tilt! Pinball. Developed by Cinematronics, LLC, this bundle of pinball joy included three tables; Dragon’s Keep, Skullduggery and Space Cadet. The latter of which is probably my personal favourite.

Another person that has a fondness for this classic Windows 95 pinball table is Reddit user Planarnutrient82, who shared a picture of his favourite PC game on the forum, Space Cadet Pinball.

“OMG the OG game god I loved it I want to play it again so bad,” responded Redditor Kingwho03. “Ahhhhh childhood,” said Jay_Reefer. However, as it turns out, while long forgotten in the modern-day Operating System, this pinball gem is still playable to this very day.

“You can get it online, and it runs on modern Windows,” replied HellboundLunatic, spreading the good word. So how is Space Cadet Pinball playable online, well, it’s courtesy of the blessing that is your good old web browser.

I’ve just checked it out for myself, and yes, Space Cadet Pinball is totally playable. What’s more, it even still includes a leaderboard table. Happy days!

Some of the other commenters on the Reddit thread have also shared links to a download via the Google Play Store. However, while those games are free-to-download, they do include in-app purchases. So if you want to play Space Cadet Pinball at no cost whatsoever, then your browser is the way.

Featured Image Credit: Cinematronics, LLC/Maxis

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