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New White Xbox Series X Console Seen In A Logitech Advert

New White Xbox Series X Console Seen In A Logitech Advert

A white Xbox Series X has suddenly popped up in a brand new Logitech advert.

Could a new Xbox be on the way? Last week, it was rumoured that a brand new PlayStation 5 is in development. The updated console would supposedly feature a detachable disc drive, replacing the current launch disc and digital-only models. Now, fans appear to have spotted a brand new Xbox.

See if you can spot it in the advert below.

A new Logitech advert oddly features a white Xbox Series X. If you know a thing or two about Xbox’s console line-up, you’ll know that the Xbox Series X is currently only available in black, though there are a number of limited edition themed on a certain game. There was this gorgeous Halo Infinite one and more recently, a Deathloop themed one was announced to time with the new Goldenloop update. Anyway, it’s only the Xbox Series S that can be purchased in white.

The advert is for the new Logitech Astro A30 gaming headset. Admittedly, the advert is clearly aiming for an all-white aesthetic but it still seems an odd inclusion, particularly as a pink microphone stands out from the otherwise all-white group of consoles and accessories. If the Xbox was custom-made for the advert, wouldn’t the pink microphone be white too?

The folks over at VGC reached out to Microsoft to see if there are plans to release a white Xbox Series X or whether the console was simply made for the advert. Microsoft are yet to comment.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Freeman via Unsplash, Logitech

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