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Warzone 2 player is using proximity chat to trick players into turning their consoles off

Warzone 2 player is using proximity chat to trick players into turning their consoles off

This Warzone 2 player is using the Xbox's voice command feature to turn off his opponent's consoles over proximity chat.

It’s hard to gauge the reception to Warzone 2.0. Unlike Modern Warfare II, it’s certainly a game that seems to have split the opinion of players. In particular, there’s quite a strong hatred towards the new DMZ mode. Inspired by Escape From Tarkov, players criticised the mode’s lack of an in-game economy system - and some are even paying to avoid playing it. How, I hear you ask? They’re hiring someone else to play and grab the M13B Assault Rifle for them.

The Steam reviews also aren’t pretty. One player wrote, “How do I get my money back for a free-to-play game?” Let’s move onto some good news though. Players are loving proximity chat and today, I bring you a fun proximity chat story. One streamer has managed to trick others into turning their consoles off. Seriously.

Check out MWII’s first sniping only nuke in action in the gameplay footage below.

As reported by Dexerto, Warzone 2.0 streamer Pork posted a clip of himself entering a building while he said “Xbox turn off” over proximity chat. If you didn’t know, Xbox consoles can turn off via voice command if that’s what you tell them to do. As Pork was playing on cross-play, he was able to use the command to turn other people’s consoles off while his own (Presumably a PlayStation) remained online. Take a look at the clip below.

The trick will only work if your opponent is using high-volume speakers, otherwise the command likely wouldn’t be picked up. Needless to say, fellow players were impressed with Pork’s creativity. One user wrote, “Just enough time to register and hear the audible shutdown tune at the end,” while another added, “This might be one of the best clips I have seen in Warzone.”

In case you missed it, another Warzone 2.0 player recently achieved a zero kill win by roleplaying as an Uber driver. It’s an unbelievable feat that’s definitely worth a watch. Keep entertaining us, proximity chat.

Featured Image Credit: Meme, Activision

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