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Until Dawn studio developing a Scream horror game, says insider

Until Dawn studio developing a Scream horror game, says insider

Until Dawn studio developing a Scream horror game, says insider

An insider has revealed that developers of Until Dawn may be working on a horror game based on the much-loved Scream franchise.

Fans of all things horror will be pleased to hear the news that Supermassive Games are possibly working on a Scream-inspired horror game. The developers of Until Dawn aren’t strangers to horror after releasing the interactive drama game in 2015 followed by The Dark Pictures Anthology in previous years. Featuring Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a collection of survival horror games each with unique and sinister tales. Now it seems as though Supermassive’s attention has turned to classic horror.

Check out some gameplay of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes below!

This news comes courtesy of a Reddit post that claims an insider has teased a video game based on the Scream franchise. The insider in question, The Tipster on Twitter, has had a good track record with releases but they have mainly focused on movie news. After the Reddit post was made, The Tipster took to Twitter to share the leak.

“Since it’s being discussed online,” they wrote. “Based on what I heard back in May, there is indeed a game based on the Scream franchise in development. I never heard of a developer at the time but in all honesty Supermassive Games lines up pretty well.”

With a string of horror games under their belt, including the recent The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR released in March, it would make sense for Supermassive to be taking on Ghostface himself. With only rumours to go on, it remains to be seen how he will adapted into the typical Supermassive style of interactive horror games. However, with the slasher movie legend enough to instill feature into anybody’s hearts, it is bound to be a memorable experience.

Until then, Ghostface can fulfil all his slashing needs as a playable character in Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight.

Featured Image Credit: Supermassive Games

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