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Unreal Engine 5's next big RPG is Elden Ring meets Assassin's Creed

Unreal Engine 5's next big RPG is Elden Ring meets Assassin's Creed

Black Myth Wukong is an Unreal Engine 5 RPG that brings together Elden Ring and Assasin's Creed

When Black Myth: Wukong was first announced in August 2020, it was one of the first Unreal Engine 5 games that truly bedazzled with its stunning visuals and high-octane combat.

Developed by the Chinese studio Game Science, Black Myth: Wukong looks to be a gruelling action RPG and is based on the 16th-century novel, Journey to the West. From what we’ve seen of the impressive gameplay so far, players will be tasked with battling mythical and challenging beasts. In some ways, Black Myth: Wukong looks like a perfect blend of Assassin’s Creed meets Elden Ring. What’s more, during last night's The Game Awards we were not only treated to a new gameplay trailer but also a release date. Happy days!

Check out the stunning Black Myth: Wukong trailer below!

The gameplay trailer not only showcases the stunning visuals of Black Myth: Wukong powered by Unreal Engine 5, but also some of its epic boss battles and subtle hints of its story. “Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG rooted in Chinese mythology. You shall set out as the Destined One to venture into the challenges and marvels ahead, to uncover the obscured truth beneath the veil of a glorious legend from the past,” reads the synopsis of the game.

Furthermore, Black Myth: Wukong promises: “A world unseen, where new sights rise with every stride. Enter a fascinating realm filled with the wonders and discoveries of ancient Chinese mythology! As the Destined One, you shall venture through breathtaking landscapes in the classic tale of Journey to the West, creating a new epic of uncharted adventures.”

Since its original announcement a few years ago, gamers (and Ewan) have been eager to play Black Myth: Wukong and have been waiting in excitement for its release. Thankfully, we now know when that wait will finally be over. However, we’re still going to have to be a little patient.

Black Myth: Wukong will be released on 20 August 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Featured Image Credit: Game Science

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