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Twitch Streamer Hit With Fourth Ban Following Racism Allegations

Twitch Streamer Hit With Fourth Ban Following Racism Allegations

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos has been banned for a fourth time following racism allegations.

Last month, Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos was temporarily banned from the platform after he launched a sexist rant, declaring that any prospective partners should give up work to cook and clean for him.

Antonatos told viewers that if they wanted to date him, “Streaming is ended for you, your career is done. Okay? I will stream while you cook for me and you clean for me, and you look after the children while I gain all the money.” Unsurprisingly, the rant did not go down well yet Antonatos continued to spout his controversial opinions.

Several weeks later, Antonatos claimed that OnlyFans was ‘proof’ that “women are okay with being objectified if it’s for money,” and I don’t need to explain why that’s a totally problematic viewpoint. Antonatos is continuing to live-up to his hot-headed reputation. As reported by GINX Esports TV, Antonatos is facing his fourth Twitch ban after he reportedly mocked an Asian family during a livestream.

This means that Antonatos has received two bans in the space of just a month, yet still holds Twitch partner status. The clip of Antonatos was shared to Twitter by esports media personality Jake Lucky. In the video, Antonatos supposedly walked past an Asian family and proceeded to mock the family’s language as he continued walking down the street.

Antonatos has responded to the video. He tweeted, “This is funny because that wasn’t an Asian family. That was a geek (sic) family speaking Greek. And to assume that they are Asian is very wrong in itself. My family members are Asian; why would I be racist to the people who brought me up.”

The streamer continued, “I make some random noises, and people assume I’m being racist. What is wrong with this world?" Despite Antonatos’ response, the Twitch ban currently remains in place.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch, Greekgodx via Twitch

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