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The Witcher star Liam Hemsworth teases first look at his Geralt

The Witcher star Liam Hemsworth teases first look at his Geralt

Wind's howling

The Witcher star Liam Hemsworth has teased a first look at his Geralt of Rivia ahead of the Netflix show's impending fourth season.

Henry Cavill, who played the titular monster hunter for the first three seasons of the show, bowed out at the end of the third series. While we still don't know for sure exactly why Cavill decided to move on, we do know that Liam Hemsworth will be stepping into his shoes.

It's a move that hasn't exactly gone down brilliantly with viewers. 80 percent of The Witcher fans have said they won't watch the show without Cavill, which seems a little unfair when we've not actually seen a single frame of Hemsworth in action yet.

It remains to be seen whether these fans actually do boycott the show or tune in with everyone else. I'd suspect the latter. But before season four airs, Hemsworth has taken to Instagram to show us he's been hitting the gym and getting into Witchery shape. While this isn't a glimpse of the new Geralt in full costume, it definitely gives a peek at what to expect: a big swole boy.

Filming on the new season of The Witcher has been delayed as a result of the various industry strikes, but it's believed that it'll finally properly kick off soon. Like, any day now soon. Netflix is then expected to release season four in 2025, so we should get a proper look at Hemsworth's Geralt in the next couple of months.

In other Witchery news, we know that work has now kicked off on The Witcher 4. However, the new game from CD Projekt RED is still in the early stages of production, so we should probably not expect to see the RPG any time soon. In fact, I'd be amazed if it arrived on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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