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Star Wars quietly confirmed Snoke's origin, and you probably missed it

Star Wars quietly confirmed Snoke's origin, and you probably missed it

Snoke is a confusing mess of a character

Star Wars confirmed what the deal is with Snoke while you weren't paying attention, and it's fairly underwhelming.

"Right now, based on the book, Snoke was a strandcast created by the Sith Eternal. We don't know if they always wanted him to be the puppet leader of the First Order, or if they wanted him to be the vessel for Palpatine's spirit," one Reddit user wrote, attempting to offer some kind of basic explanation for what Snoke is.

"It is also stated that Snoke himself doesn't know he's a strandcast, so he doesn't know he's serving Palpatine. He has some sort of free will, but in the same book they say his actions serve Palpatine's interests. He's basically a new Count Dooku, the public face of the First Order."

The aforementioned book is the aptly titled The Star Wars Book, an official compendium of knowledge.

We recently sat down with the cast of The Acolyte.

In addition to this, we know thanks to the comics that Snoke has been around for at least thirty years, as he's grooming young Ben Solo from a very young age.

Snoke is a confusing mess of a character specifically due to a lack of planning. It's extremely clear watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that the initial plan wasn't to bring back Emperor Palpatine as the main villain of the overall Star Wars sequel trilogy, and that it was a last ditch effort because the writers ran out of ideas following Snoke being killed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (one of the best Star Wars movies) and J.J Abrams really didn't know what to do to cap off the trilogy. What this led to is several questions, even ones other than Snoke himself, just not being answered, and being left up to either fans to decide on the answer to or expanded media to pick up years and years after the question was first raised.

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