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Netflix's One Piece is returning for a second season, ending the anime adaptation curse

Netflix's One Piece is returning for a second season, ending the anime adaptation curse

Netflix has revealed that One Piece has been renewed for a second season, ending the anime adaptation curse.

Words by Dan Lipscombe

Finally, we have a decent anime adaptation from Netlfix and the company hasn’t let that success go unnoticed. The news is that the Netflix adaptation of One Piece has been renewed for a second season.

The announcement came with a cute video of Eiichiro Oda speaking via a transponder snail, thanking fans new and old for their support of the show. Oda goes on to announce the renewal of the show before moving back to his desk where we see a sketch of fan favourite, Chopper, hopefully hinting that the reindeer will grace our screens soon.

Take a look at One Piece in action below.

Executive producer Marty Adelstein recently told Variety that “scripts were already finished for a second season” and fellow executive producer, Becky Clements, stated that the second season could be ready “somewhere between a year and 18 months” from today.

Based on the highly popular Manga and anime, the show follows a crew of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy as they attempt to find the One Piece, a famed treasure. There’s a reason why the Manga and anime are so well-loved and it is usually seen in the love the crew has for each other while they all follow their dreams.

It’s a heartwarming story that has been captured brilliantly by Netflix and the show’s creators, as well as the terrific cast who seem to show the famed camaraderie off-screen too, particularly Iñaki Godoy as Luffy who captures that winning smile so well.

Let’s not forget about One Piece Odyssey, an RPG that came out earlier in the year, which also did a great job of telling this long-running story.

As a huge One Piece fan, I’m thrilled the show will continue as it has brought so many people to the Grand Line, the show’s oceanic setting. In a world full of wacky abilities, the show could have easily missed the mark with bad CGI and awkward characters, but Netlfix has landed a crew who seem to care and are attempting to capture the show’s wackiness as authentically as possible.

I hope that continues with the introduction of Chopper who, as an anthropomorphic reindeer who changes size with his strength, could push that CGI quite far.

One Piece season one is currently streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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