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Marvel officially unveils new Blade series that's definitely not for kids

Marvel officially unveils new Blade series that's definitely not for kids

This is quite gruesome

With a Blade reboot in the works by Marvel, it is an exciting time for fans of the 1998 movie. However, it seems as though Marvel has more plans for our half-vampire, half-mortal protector but this one definitely isn’t for kids.

It has been almost 30 years since the 1998 Blade movie was released but the love for the half-vampire, half-mortal has by no means ceased over the years.

Check out the trailer for Arkane Lyon's upcoming Marvel's Blade game below!

So much so that in recent years, Marvel has revealed that it is working on a Blade reboot which could see Wesley Snipes himself returning. Exciting, huh? Well, there’s a problem.

Fans are beginning to think the movie may never happen after a series of obstacles has left the project in an uncertain state.

That is why this other Blade project by Marvel may make the wait for the rebooted movie a bit better.

In the Marvel comics, Blade has quite a career under his belt: a Midnight Son, an Avenger and a vigilante anti-hero. However, in a new five-issue miniseries by Bryan Edward Hill (Ultimate Black Panther) and Marvel's Stormbreaker artist C.F. Villa (Avengers), Blade will be channeling his dark side.

Titled Blade: Red Band, the story continues on from the events at the end of the Blood Hunt series and sees Blade completely turn his back on humanity. His vampire invasion has already turned Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Miles Morales into blood-sucking creatures and it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, what makes Red Band different from the previous series is that it is labelled with a "Parental Advisory and polybagged to keep those weak of heart from experiencing its intensity" warning.

As a result, we can expect the story to be full of blood and gore which may make it unsuitable for a lot of young readers.

However, it will be exciting to see our anti-hero turn full villain when Blade: Red Band #1 goes on sale on 9 October.

Featured Image Credit: Arkane, New Line Cinema

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