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Deadpool 3 is 'very much R-rated', director insists

Deadpool 3 is 'very much R-rated', director insists

Deadpool 3 will still be R-rated, its director has insisted, despite now being tied to the MCU.

Words by Dan Lipscombe

Deadpool 3 and its titular anti-hero wouldn’t really be the ‘merc with a mouth’ if he didn’t use a menagerie of creative swear words. So, it’s great to see the director of the upcoming third instalment of the franchise insist that the sequel is “very much R-rated”.

Initially, fans had worried that Disney would censor some of what many believe is Deadpool’s driving charm. His ability to poke fun and do so while littering the dialogue with words that might make your granny blush, is a huge part of what made the mercenary so popular.

The Marvels is set to release this November.

Thankfully, the House of Mouse is letting director Shawn Levy and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds run wild. Despite filming being shut down due to the actors strike, Levy went on record to say, “We wanted something that felt grounded, real.” Well, as real as you can get with a bevy of mutants, each with staggering or downright bizarre superpowers.

Levy spoke to Deadline saying, “Our movie is raw and audacious,” before moving on to comment on how they “went to lengths to not shoot [the movie] on sound stages with digital environments.”

Not only will Deadpool keep his trademark filthy mouth, but he’ll be bringing long suffering comic book partner Wolverine along for the ride. Fans rejoiced when news broke of Hugh Jackman returning to play the gruff mutant, but lost their minds when news broke of him wearing the iconic yellow X-Men costume on set.

Maybe we’ll get to see Reynolds and Jackman perform their usual close friendship/rivalry on the big screen while uttering a myriad of curses at one another, and give the Wolverine actor a very different send off from his previous appearance in Logan.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

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