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Chevy Chase explains why he left Community, but fans aren't convinced

Chevy Chase explains why he left Community, but fans aren't convinced

It could be, possibly, maybe.

Chevy Chase has appeared on the latest Marc Maron WTF podcast and commented on his reasons for leaving the hit show Community. Though after hearing his reasoning, fans aren't sure.

Chase gave a few reasons for leaving, chief among them seems to be he didn't find it "funny enough" and didn't want to be around "those people". What a way to say you didn't like your castmates. Chase goes on to further explain, "I honestly felt the show wasn't funny enough for me, ultimately. I felt a bit constrained."

Apparently Chase enjoyed his character Pierce Hawthrone, but "felt happier being alone", the cast around him "was too much". This comes a few years since reports came out that the former SNL comedian called his co-star, Donald Glover, the N-word. Chase's character would go on to be killed off. Chevy Chase did later admit that he acted like a "jerk" while shooting the comedy, though he did apologise to Glover for his 'outburst'.

Fans are pointing out, not only his "jerk" actions and his racist remark, but also how Dan Harmon, Community's creator and creator of Rick and Morty, stated that Chase "routinely sabotaged the actor's scenes out of jealousy." It seems much of Chase's ire was pointed at Glover as Harmon commented previously, "Chevy was the first to realise how immensely gifted Donald was, and the way he expressed his jealousy was to try and throw Donald off."

Chase mentions in the WTF podcast that he perceived "creative differences" between himself and, seemingly, the entirety of the Community cast and crew. He chose the option to leave and the show carried on without him.

Community ended up running for six seasons to almost constant universal acclaim. Since the show finished, a campaign began by actors and creators from the show citing that the legacy of Community will end with a movie. "Six seasons and a movie" became the slogan and now we all await that movie.

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