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Turok fans are desperate for a reboot on modern consoles

Turok fans are desperate for a reboot on modern consoles

Fans of first-person shooter franchise Turok are hoping to see the IP given another chance.

Fans of Turok are desperate to see the IP rebooted on modern consoles, and you can hardly blame them.

Turok is a certified blast from the past. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter launched all the way back in 1997, with the rebooted Turok following later in 2008. I hold my hands up. I’m a Gen Z-er. In 2008, I’m fairly confident I was playing High School Musical 2: Work This Out or The Sims 2: Apartment Life. I hadn’t quite moved onto shooters, and I certainly wasn’t playing them (or anything) in 1997. In retrospect, I can appreciate what a banger Turok is though. The most recent entry, Turok, was developed by Propaganda Games and published by Disney Interactive Studios. Players inhabited the role of space marine Joseph Turok who was sent to a remote planet in order to apprehend his former commanding officer, General Roland Kane. Unfortunately, Propaganda Games was closed following release, squandering the chances of a sequel ever coming to fruition.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has a remake on the way.

It was a shame because Turok wasn’t at all a bad reboot. It didn’t quite garner the same critical response as the acclaimed Turok: Dinosaur Hunter though. Over on social media, fans have been expressing their desire to see the franchise receive yet another chance. “No but seriously where is my Turok reboot?” tweeted one Twitter user, adding, “I’m serious. Get some Native American actors, some kickass dinosaurs, some weird alien shenanigans … Why are we not funding this?”

Tenacious_diaz suggests that it should be “a Doom 2016 style Turok reboot”. User late90zkid said, “We need a fresh reboot. Turok can be iconic like Doom Guy,” thinking along similar lines. These things tend to come down to who holds the copyright for the IP.

I can’t imagine that we’ll see a reboot anytime soon, but never say never. Many studios are revisiting older IPs as we go through a phase where nostalgia is heavily favoured. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Interactive Studios, Acclaim Entertainment

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