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Tony Hawk Is Boarding Again, Just Two Weeks After Serious Accident

Tony Hawk Is Boarding Again, Just Two Weeks After Serious Accident

Might be a little bit of time before he does another 900 though.

About two weeks ago Tony Hawk shared with his fans that he had broken his femur while skateboarding. Not just a little one either, a big ol' healthy snap in halfer.

While the 53 year old's bones don't heal as fast as they used to, the face of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise set his hopes high for recovery. Despite the severity of the injury, and his aging body, Hawk has claimed his ultimate goal was to get back on the board. As the first person to pull off the 900 - that's get to the top of the ramp and do two and a half spinnies in the air then land it - he knows a little bit about achieving his goals.

We were lucky enough to talk to the man himself about the tricks involved in the Pro Skater games. You can see his thoughts on boarding in the video below.

Not one to shirk on his objectives, Hawk has managed to roll and in record time. In his latest Instagram post, he shared with his fans a short video of him going a little round the skate park with no crutches involved. That's right, Hawk has managed this despite still needing crutches to walk. He might not be steady on his feet but he's doing alright on wheels.

That hasn't stopped his ambition however. The skateboard and gaming legend has been asked by the Academy Awards to present one of the Oscars. This raised his ambition and his sights are now set on walking up and across the famous stage unaided. With less than a week to go it seems a big ask, but it's amazing what a little determination can do.

He might not be taking on the ramps and half pipes any time soon, but if we had a break like that we'd be at home, leg up with a nice cuppa. 

Featured Image Credit: Tony Hawk / Activision