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'The Last Of Us Part 2' Hailed A "Storytelling Masterpiece" By Fan Who Previously Hated It

'The Last Of Us Part 2' Hailed A "Storytelling Masterpiece" By Fan Who Previously Hated It

One fan has taken to ResetEra, having had a huge change of heart regarding Part II's controversial story direction.

Despite its super positive critical reception, when The Last Of Us Part II released back in 2020, a number of fans of the first game were left unsatisfied with the sequel’s story direction. As well as a certain controversial plot point, which was arguably driven home way too hard (sorry) and many players weren’t really too keen on the focus on Abby

Now though, one of those very fans has taken to ResetEra to announce that they’ve changed their mind. ResetEra user ‘The Praiseworthy’ explained that despite always considering the game a 10/10, they disliked having to play through so much of the game as Abby, and generally found the ending “overly depressing”. However, upon replaying the game with a fresh mindset, they now consider it to be a “storytelling masterpiece”.

Next month, we'll be seeing the release of The Last of Us Part I - a remake of the first game. Take a look at how it compares to the original below.

“Neil Druckmann AND Halley Gross are visionaries and masters when it comes to story telling, the way the game moves from the present day to the flashback and then back again to the present day was so well done,” The Praiseworthy wrote. “And how in the first half they gave us the space to HATE Abby and her friends and view them as the enemy ONLY to flip the table midway through the story and put the player into Abby's shoes. 

“The idea itself seems simple but the way TLOU2 did it very successfully is worth praising, for each side is a personal story and reasons that goes beyond shallow subject of good and evil,” they continued. “The characters were extremely human and had amazing depth of levels and complex.”

Although we don’t currently know when the next part of The Last of Us is coming, the remake of the first game, The Last of Us Part I, is releasing on 2 September.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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