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Thousands of fans petition to remake Dino Crisis

Thousands of fans petition to remake Dino Crisis

Several thousand fans have signed a petition asking Capcom to remake Dino Crisis.

As cravings of nostalgia sweep through the gaming industry, we’re seeing remakes, remasters, and reboots left, right, and centre.

If you take a look at the year’s highest-rated games, you’ll see a number of familiar titles. There’s Metroid Prime Remastered, Resident Evil 4, and Dead Space - and I’m sure we’ll continue to see our favourites of yesteryear dominating. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Silent Hill 2 are both on the way (again), as too are remakes of The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - although those two projects are experiencing development issues. Even the three year old The Last of Us Part II is rumoured to be getting a re-release soon, plus there are those Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag remake rumours.

Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, take a look at the trailer for the remake below.

One game that’s not being remade is Dino Crisis, but fans are desperately keen to see it happen. Developed by Capcom, Dino Crisis was released back in 1999. Set on the dinosaur-ridden Ibis Island, players must fight to stay alive as they uncover the secrets of the island’s research facility.

Over on, a petition asking Capcom to remake Dino Crisis was set up by fans. So far, it’s amassed 3,326 signatures against a goal of 5,000. “Please Capcom,” one fan wrote, while another added, “We’ve waited long enough. A Dino Crisis remake needs to be done.” One comment read, “A great game that needs to be remade.” The demand is certainly there.

Earlier this year, a poll was created amongst Capcom fans asking which classic title the studio should remake next. Dino Crisis won the vote, followed by Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. Capcom are fully embracing remakes, so I have faith this could happen one day.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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