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Thousands of fans sign petition for Netflix to bring back Mindhunter

Thousands of fans sign petition for Netflix to bring back Mindhunter

Over 8000 people have signed a petition to bring Mindhunter back for a third season, but the director says it's not happening.

It may have been almost four years since the last season’s release, but fans still haven’t given up on the dream of Mindhunter getting a third season.

The crime-thriller series was a huge hit when it first came to Netflix. I mean, season two has a critic score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is absolutely wild. You’d think with a show that successful, a follow-up would be pretty much guaranteed, but it’s yet to happen.

Take a look at the trailer for Mindhunter season two below.

As LADbible reports, Mindhunter fans have taken matters into their own hands and launched a petition on, urging the creators of the show to bring it back for another season. At the time of writing, over 8000 people have signed.

“Please believe, even if the numbers didn't add up in season two as they did for the first season, we are still out here waiting faithfully and clamouring for more,” petition creator Dawn Bruner wrote. “Please don't let such a brilliant series die because we know, without doubt, this show/series has the potential to be Netflix most successful and popular ever.”

Unfortunately though, no matter how many signatures it gets, it seems very unlikely that the show will make a comeback. Speaking to French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (via Collider), director David Fincher explained that for various reasons - expense included - it’s just not happening.

“I'm very proud of the first two seasons. But it's a very expensive show and, in the eyes of Netflix, we didn't attract enough of an audience to justify such an investment,” Fincher said. “I don't blame them, they took risks to get the show off the ground, gave me the means to do Mank the way I wanted to do it and they allowed me to venture down new paths with The Killer. It's a blessing to be able to work with people who are capable of boldness. The day our desires are not the same, we have to be honest about parting ways.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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