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Dad Playing VR Horror Game Mercilessly Pranked By Family

Dad Playing VR Horror Game Mercilessly Pranked By Family

As if the game wasn't scary enough...

As gaming technology develops, games have become more realistic and therefore better at immersing you in their worlds.

Nothing demonstrates this better than the direction that virtual reality has taken. While VR has changed the way many games are played, it also changes the way in which people see the world. If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the world of VR then you know just how absorbing it can be. Even to the point where you forget where you are, and your surroundings.  

There's no better way to demonstrate this than by having your dad play a VR horror game, and then pranking him mercilessly when he removes the headset. Observe...

Anthony Caputo looks like your typical tough dad, but he knows that feeling of complete immersion all too well, after his family convinced him to play Face Your Fears 2 on Oculus Quest. The game - which was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, devs at which have been behind multiplayer games Evolve, Left 4 Dead, and Back 4 Blood - is a horror title which sees you investigate the disappearance of a girl. In it you play as both her family and as a paranormal investigator. 

Caputo is clearly scared by the experience, which features creepy imagery such as child ghosts and animals eating humans. However, despite his fears, his family is not holding back. As they can see the same scenes as he sees on the TV behind him, they keep pointing out all the parts of the game which he was afraid of.

When his family shows him the way to go in order to proceed, he screams, “No, I can’t go! I can’t. My brain won’t let me push the thing up,” paralysed with fear. While he didn’t know that his family were ready to prank him as soon as he took off the headset, he kept himself in the game despite how much they were feeding his fears.

It’s not until he dies in game that he finally takes off the visor, and that’s when the family drops the biggest jump scare of all.

Featured Image Credit: Iamhear_official TikTok / Turtle Rock Studios

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