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Theme park worker fired after customers recognise her from adult videos

Theme park worker fired after customers recognise her from adult videos

It's not the first time this has happened

An OnlyFans star claims she was fired from her job at an amusement park after a number of customers recognised her from the adult content she posted online.

Ilaria Rimoldi worked at Italy’s Gardaland Resort for two seasons, but says that management let her go once it became clear several parkgoers were aware of her second job.

Rimoldi, 25, told Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera (via Dexerto) that her salary from the park job was "insufficient" to cover rent, car, groceries, and bills. So she decided to turn to OnlyFans to make a little extra.

With 300 subscribers under her belt, Rimoldi was earning over $5,000 a month by November. While it appears the park's management was aware and accepting of her OnlyFans venture at first, her increasing popularity started to change things.

Rimoldi says that once five or six visitors realised who she was, she was called into a meeting with two managers and a staff director.

“Without being rude, they pointed out to me that Gardaland is a facility for families and that those photos don’t match the image of the park," she explained.

Rimoldi asked the park to pay her as much as she makes through OnlyFans, but they refused. She was let go and decided to stick with her side hustle since it was making her more money anyway.

“As part of the company’s policies, employees are asked, for their own digital activities, to avoid the misuse of Gardaland’s logos or images that are not in line with the family-oriented vocation of the amusement park,” the park said in a statement given to the newspaper.

You won't be surprised to learn that Rimoldi is far from the first OnlyFans creator to be sacked from their day job because of their adult content. However, the former park worker insists that there's no nudity on her account, and nothing much riskier than anything she'd post on regular social media.

Featured Image Credit: Ilaria Rimoldi/Gardaland Resort