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The Witcher 3's 'best boss fight' is one a lot of us never actually saw

The Witcher 3's 'best boss fight' is one a lot of us never actually saw

You probably missed this fight

The Witcher 3, like many modern RPGs, feels enormous and filled with secrets. There’s so much to do and see, that it’s easy to miss out some great moments.

In a recent discussion on Reddit, players were talking about facts they were embarrassed to admit after hundreds of hours playing The Witcher 3 and one boss fight seemingly passed many of us by.

The Witcher 3 remains one of the best action-RPGs for years and we're eagerly awaiting news on the fourth game

It turns out you can actually do battle with Olgeird. One Redditor commented that even after several playthroughs they had never noticed that you could instigate a fight with the character.

“It took me to my 5th playthrough I think to learn on this forum that you can fight Olgeird himself. Never before had I stuck my nose into his business to save the guy he wanted to behead. If you get all uppity, Olgeird will challenge you himself. Best Boss fight in the game in my opinion.”

There are definitely a few other players who were unaware of this possible, extra boss fight, us included.

We’re going to have to seek out this fight the next time we play. According to a reply on the comment, we’re missing a superb piece of music from the soundtrack, too.

Lists like these shed light on hidden details showing the amount of work and dedication that went into crafting one of the best action-RPGs of all-time.

Not only that, but it shows how much players love this world created by CD Projekt Red as they’ve played through the game several times enjoying the story and battles over and over again.

Have a trawl through that list and you’re bound to find some details you had no idea about. You’ll even find some tips for battles against some of the game’s most annoying monsters.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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