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The Sims 5 set to include multiplayer

The Sims 5 set to include multiplayer

The Sims 5 is set to include native multiplayer for the first time, according to one dev.

With The Sims 5, currently known as Project Rene, on the horizon, avid Simmers are anticipating all the new features that will be added to the next generation of the popular life simulation franchise. Now, thanks to a recent interview, it appears that a multiplayer mode could be on the cards.

Despite being in development at Maxis for the last couple of years, news about The Sims 5 is still pretty scarce. With the next instalment expected to be a major step-up for the franchise, it has recently been revealed that its development team are hoping a multiplayer mode can also be incorporated. If this is true, it will be the first for the social simulation game.

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This news comes courtesy of a recent interview with the vice president of franchise creative at Maxis, Lyndsay Pearson, who spoke to the Radio Times.

“We definitely want to introduce multiplayer,” she said in the podcast. “And not multiplayer in the big, scary ‘jump in a world full of strangers’ kind of way. But literally, how do you and your friends want to do some play together? And there’s a lot of different flavours that could take, so we’re exploring a lot of different spaces there.”

Pearson goes on to explain that the Maxis team is “having fun exploring all those different opportunities” for The Sims 5 because being “social can mean so many things”. For example, she compares the team’s goals for a multiplayer mode to match those of Animal Crossing.

In the most recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are able to visit each other’s islands at will as well as shopping in their friend’s island shop and more. If this was to be incorporated into The Sims 5, we would be able to welcome friends to our homes for the first time outside of modding.

Whether or not we will see a multiplayer mode remains to be seen as The Sims 5 is still in its development stage. However, it is exciting to see all the new features that could be making an appearance when the game releases some time in the future.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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