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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Has An R-Rating - Excellent

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Has An R-Rating - Excellent

The fourth Matrix film will be rated R.

It’s music to our ears, or I mean…music to our eyes if you’re reading this. The Matrix Resurrections has finally been rated and it’s going to be an R-rated movie. Though, of course, that doesn’t give much away for what is going to be in the film, it does feel like it’s confirmation that it won’t hold back. 

As reported by Forbes, The Matrix Resurrections has finally got its own rating. In a bulletin from the Motion Pictures Classification and Rating Program, we have all been notified that The Matrix 4 will be R-Rated. And fortunately for us, there are also details about what part of it feels like it should only be watched by an adult audience. 

Here is the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections

In the published document, that you can see here, next to The Matrix Resurrections it says: “Rated R for violence and some language.” It’s interesting that it’s some language because that surely means the language in the film isn’t too bad right? This then leaves it to the amount of violence in the film to be the real indication of why it’s 18+. Hm, so how violent will it be?

The original The Matrix was also Rated-R however perhaps by today’s standards it was pretty tame. Both the following films in the original trilogy were also rated R so maybe it’s no surprise that the fourth film is following the trend. We may well see some gruesome stuff in the final product but it’s also likely the violence is more like a weird tech bug burrowing into someone’s stomach, or a mouth being closed by skin. 

The Matrix Resurrections is set to release on December 24 2021. We’ll all be patiently waiting until then to get back into cinema seats and see Neo, Trinity, and (hopefully) Morpheus once again.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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