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The Last Of Us: Joel's season one kill-count worked out by viewers

The Last Of Us: Joel's season one kill-count worked out by viewers

Joel's kill-count has been worked out by fans of HBO's The Last of Us.

If you want to survive in the world of The Last of Us, chances are, you’re probably going to have a pretty high kill-count seeing as violence is somewhat of a survival necessity.

In recent days, The Last of Us fans have been debating Joel’s actions in the season finale. Was he right to sacrifice all of those Fireflies - and humanity’s chance of finding a cure - to save one life? Ellie’s. The Fireflies didn’t give Ellie a choice so I guess you could argue that Joel was left with no choice either. It’s an interesting quandary but most fans are siding with the character. Co-showrunner Craig Mazin also referred to Joel as a hero, but not in the conventional sense. Either way, Joel’s kill-count certainly isn’t as high as it is in the game, despite all of those slaughtered Fireflies.

The Last of Us Part I launches on PC on 28 March. Check out the game in action below.

It’s no secret that HBO’s The Last of Us toned down the game’s violence. In fact, it’s a masterclass in bringing gameplay to life. The Last of Us Part I may be chock full of infected, hunter, and raider fights, but those fights aren’t completely necessary in a TV show. With that in mind, our game kill-count is likely to be in the hundreds. One fan has revealed though that TV Joel’s kill-count is 39.

As worked out by Reddit user No_Focus0, “Joel killed 28 people and 11 infected with a grand total of 39 kills in season one of The Last of Us.” It’s a strange number because in the context of real life, that’s an obscene amount. In the context of the world of The Last of Us though, it’s rather modest - compared to game at least.

User jcmonk remarked, “For a show that really leaned into the realism of a post-apocalyptic world, that’s a lot for one person. Most were glossed over in that final hospital murder montage though.” It’s true. This is likely to have a huge emotional toll on Joel. If you want a further breakdown, Joel reportedly killed 17 Fireflies and sniped seven infected during the horde scene. I dread to think what Ellie’s Part II kill-count will be.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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