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The Last Of Us episode 6 hailed for 'groundbreaking' moment

The Last Of Us episode 6 hailed for 'groundbreaking' moment

"I truly think this show has been perfect so far," said one viewer.

I'm honestly becoming a little bit nervous because we have only two episodes of The Last of Us left.

It's a staple of my Monday evenings, and with the twists and turns that the show has added to the original storyline, even those who know The Last of Us inside and out have been pleasantly surprised by the majority of the changes. Pedro Pascal's portrayal of Joel is much more representative of the emotional intelligence that we expect of modern male characters, showing the long lasting effects of his trauma in a heartbreakingly outstanding way.

And, Bella Ramsey has risen above those "fans" who have criticised the LGBTQIA+ aspects of the show, saying that the "internet hostility" is nothing that they can't handle. "If you don’t want to watch the show because it has gay storylines, because it has a trans character, that’s on you, and you’re missing out," they said. Fortunately, the consensus is that the divergences have elevated the material to higher heights, and one moment in the latest episode has been celebrated as a positive representation of different political systems.

Check out the improvements from the original game and The Last of Us Part I ahead of its launch for PC:

As Tommy and Maria are taking Joel and Ellie on a tour of Jacksonville, they tell the two that they aren't the leaders of the settlement. Instead, Maria is on the council of democratically elected representatives and all resources are shared equally, like the power, water, medicine, and products from livestock. Joel notices that this is evocative of communism which Tommy swiftly shuts down. Maria counters and reminds him that Jacksonville is a commune and ergo, they are communists.

"Showing a settlement that is democratic, holds its resources in common, allows for multi-faith worship, has an interracial couple front and center in it and to top it all off openly acknowledges that it is communist and it not being a bad thing (quite the opposite actually) was incredibly refreshing," said Reddit user ShimmyShane, saying that this exchange of views was "groundbreaking" for television. Tommy's realisation was also comical as "communist" wasn't likely to be high on his list of identifiers as a military man from Austin, Texas after the world went down the drain.

"I think it's important to talk about all the aspects of equality that this show touches upon. I truly think this show has been perfect so far," added Reddit user SeparateAddress9070.

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