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'The Getaway' Studio's New Game Isn't A Sequel After All

'The Getaway' Studio's New Game Isn't A Sequel After All

According to a new job listing for PlayStation's London Studio, it sounds like their upcoming "huge" project is an entirely new IP.

Last month, PlayStation’s London Studio (aka the merger of Psygnosis’ Camden Studio and Team Soho - thanks, Wikipedia) revealed that they had an ambitious title in the works which has “huge potential”, and people went wild. Absolutely no details were actually revealed about the project, but given that it’s coming from the studio that made The Getaway, and since 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of that game, things just seemed to be coming together perfectly for a new game in the series to be happening.

The Getaway, which released on the PS2 back in 2002, was basically GTA but in London, and it was pretty great. However, its 2004 sequel didn’t go down nearly as well, and a third game was announced, but later cancelled. Unfortunately though, for the fans hoping that 2022 would be the series’ time to shine, it seems that London Studio’s upcoming title is something completely new altogether.

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As reported by eXputer, according to a new job listing for the studio (for a lead narrative designer), it’s really sounding like a brand new IP is in the works: “We are excited to be opening this role and would love to hear from Narrative Designers who love to build engaging worlds with a story which supports great gameplay and enables our team to build fantastic content,” the listing reads. “As Lead Narrative Designer, you will be directly responsible for working with Writers to build a world lore and story bible which allows the team to build fabulous characters and incredible environments for the game to play out in.”

Note that it says the designer will be responsible for building worlds and lore, which strongly implies that they’ll be crafting something totally fresh, rather than adding onto anything pre-existing. This is also hammered home in the “scope of work” that the listing details, which includes the “creation of an initial campaign to introduce the world and characters, then ongoing campaign to develop the narrative and introduce new content”, and “development of an intriguing backstory and world lore which sets up years of ongoing story”. 

Chances are, it’ll probably be some time yet before we actually find out what any of this is about, but fans of The Getaway should probably gently put their hopes back down, because it’s certainly not sounding anything like a sequel. Better luck next time, I guess?

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