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The Game Awards stage invader arrested for crashing Elden Ring's GOTY moment

The Game Awards stage invader arrested for crashing Elden Ring's GOTY moment

An individual was arrested at The Game Awards after taking the microphone after Elden Ring won Game of the Year.

The Game Awards show last night was as eventful as ever. If you managed to stay awake through it all (or if you just looked at the headlines this morning instead), I’m sure you’ll be aware that Elden Ring managed to take home the Game of the Year award, and I don’t think that anyone can say that it didn’t deserve it.

For those watching live, you might have also seen a rather confusing moment happen when the FromSoftware team got up to accept the big award. As IGN reports, while four members of the team made their way to stage, a fifth person also followed them from a separate aisle and stood with them, seemingly unnoticed by security and staff.

While the person stood quietly for director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s full acceptance speech and simply clapped along, blending into the background, they stepped forward at the end and took the mic, which is when it became very apparent that they weren’t supposed to be there.

“Hey, my turn. You know, real quick, I want to thank everybody and say that I think I want to nominate [sic] this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you, everybody,” they told the crowd.

During this, the camera was quickly zoomed out as several people in suits approached the individual before swiftly escorting them from the stage. At the time, host Geoff Keighley simply carried on with the show as though nothing had happened, but gave an update on Twitter shortly after.

“The individual who interrupted our Game of the Year moment has been arrested,” Keighley tweeted.

Thankfully though, it seems that no one was harmed. No further updates on the situation have been given at the time of writing, and Keighley since thanked viewers for helping the show hit new viewership peaks on both Twitch and YouTube.

Featured Image Credit: The Game Awards via YouTube

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