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'The Boys' Star Just Dropped A Huge Hint They're Returning For Season 4

'The Boys' Star Just Dropped A Huge Hint They're Returning For Season 4

Jensen Ackles, aka Soldier Boy, has strongly hinted that he'll be making a return in The Boys' fourth season.

The third season of The Boys wrapped up on Prime Video just last month, and I’m not sure that anyone is quite over 'Herogasm' yet. I mean, with an episode which included, by its own official description, a “massive supe orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses and cursing”, you’d expect it to be pretty unforgettable. Did you know it was inspired by an octopus documentary? Look, I had to learn that, and now so do you.

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Anyway, fans will be happy to know that filming for the fourth season is already underway, and excitingly, one of season three’s stars seems to have all but confirmed that he’ll be making a return in the next batch of episodes. As for who it is - drum roll please - it’s Jensen Ackles, AKA Solider Boy.

As shared by @getFANDOM on Twitter, Karl Urban (AKA Billy Butcher) took to Instagram a couple of days ago to share a photo of himself and co-star Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), writing: “Start as you mean to go on! Season [four,] let’s go!!!” Down in the comments section, Ackles replied, saying: “Pour me a double… I’m on my way.”

We already knew that Ackles was eager to make a comeback as Soldier Boy - in an interview with Variety in July, he said: “I’d like to get a call off the bench, and I don’t think [Eric Kripke] ever wants to close any doors. […] I don’t know what the future holds for Soldier Boy, I have not seen anything or heard anything. I know that there’s some possibilities, but I think that’s all being worked out right now, as to how or when or why that character will be used in the future.”

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