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Some Genius Has Created Avengers Characters In 'Elden Ring'

Some Genius Has Created Avengers Characters In 'Elden Ring'

One Elden Ring player has shared their amazing in-game recreations of Thanos and Thor, and they're too perfect.

We’re at the point now where a lot of the people who were itching to throw themselves into Elden Ring on day one are done with the game now, or at least, their first playthroughs, anyway. Obviously, everyone plays at different speeds, but I’ve been seeing a whole lot more completed save-file screenshots and Platinum trophies on my Twitter timeline lately, I don’t know about you.

Anyway, that means we’ve entered a beautiful era - just what can the community do with Elden Ring now they’re a bit more used to it? The speedrunners have (unsurprisingly) been moving fast, and have already managed to set Any% records under 19 minutes, somehow. Modders have also been doing their bit to vastly improve the game, replacing the Tree Sentinel with Shrek and having Homer Simpson as the playable character, which is as beautiful as you’d imagine. But you don’t even need mods to put some recognisable characters in the game - you can manage a lot with the regular character creator (and some skill), just like these amazing Tarnished MCU doppelgängers.

Check out the video below to see Thanos and Thor blast enemies apart in Elden Ring.

Courtesy of creator Hashrow, we know exactly what’d happen if you threw Thanos into the Lands Between - pure destruction. Their recreation of the character is absolutely perfect, and his moves even sync up perfectly with iconic movie audio. Then, there’s the God of Thunder himself, Thor, who looks equally incredible throwing out lightning attacks at his enemies. No detail has been spared when it comes to either of these characters - I feel like making them almost certainly will have taken longer than the current speedrun world record.

These creations look significantly better than some of the horrors players were producing when the game first came out - there were some monstrosities who were undoubtedly more terrifying than the bosses themselves. It’s all good fun anyway, and the depth of character customisation is no doubt just one of the things that’s going to keep players crawling back to FromSoftware's latest time and time again. 

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Disney, FromSoftware, Bandai Namco

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