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Terrifier 2 director wants to take the horror sequel even further

Terrifier 2 director wants to take the horror sequel even further

But, he is concerned that the series might run out of ideas.

Terrifier 2, which has been so shocking that even the steeliest of horror fans have been passing out over the level of gore, might be getting a sequel.

While the film reached a budget of $250,000 through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, it's gone on to rake in a massive $7.7 million since its release. Art the Clown is a silent antagonist (played by David Howard Thornton) who delights in the disgusting murders of the random strangers he encounters. In the first film, Art targets three young women, killing one with a handgun, another with a hacksaw, and eating the face of his final victim. The clown is believed to be dead after the attacks, however, Terrifer 2 sees him once more wreak havoc on the innocents of Miles County - this time with a strange supernatural twist.

Here's the trailer!

In an interview with Variety, director Damien Leone revealed that a possible trilogy of Art the Clown's sickening sprees was always hovering at the back of his mind. "There are so many questions brought up in Part 2 that are not answered, and that was part of the design because I know I’m going into a Part 3," he replied. "I pretty much have the entire treatment ready for Part 3, but it’s getting so big that it could potentially split into a Part 4 because I wouldn’t want to make another 2 hour 20 minute movie."

Leone is cautious that the "well is gonna run dry" when it comes to Terrifier, and it's a legitimate concern when films like Halloween Ends have been met with a tepid response from critics and fans. However, there were some utterly disgusting scenes that had to be cut from Terrifier 2, so the series still has steam in that regard.

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