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Student Uses Charizard Card To Get Into Bars

Student Uses Charizard Card To Get Into Bars

A student at the University of Georgia was reportedly found unconscious after using a Charizard card to get into bars and drink four beers.

Officers found an underage student unconscious in his dorm after using a Charizard card to get into bars and drink, The Red & Black reports. The incident took place on 19 August, after a University of Georgia employee reported a student vomiting in the hall and bedroom of the university housing, Lipscomb Hall.

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According to a report from the University of Georgia Police Department (UGAPD), officers entered the student’s dorm at 1:13AM, where they found him unconscious in bed with his roommate. Reportedly, officers tried speaking to the student, and shaking him, but he remained unconscious.

Apparently, after more persistent shaking, he woke up, seemingly feeling disoriented. Officers determined that he was under the age of 21, and asked him if he’d taken any drugs, and how much he’d had to drink, to which he allegedly told them he’d had four beers but no drugs. He claimed to have taken melatonin, however. 

The student allegedly told the officers that he’d used a Charizard card to get into bars, although the report doesn’t elaborate on how this worked, or which specific card it was. Dexerto speculates that he may have used it to bribe bouncers or bartenders, which does seem like the most likely explanation (especially if it was a valuable first edition card).

Reportedly, Emergency Medical Services also came to the scene at 1:25AM, but the student declined going to the hospital. No charges were made against him.

Featured Image Credit: Giorgio Trovato, Iam Os via Unsplash

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