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'Stranger Things' Creators Furious After Monopoly Tie-In Reveals Huge Season 4 Spoilers

'Stranger Things' Creators Furious After Monopoly Tie-In Reveals Huge Season 4 Spoilers


Stranger Things showrunners Ross and Matt Duffer are said to be furious after a tie-in Monopoly game revealed major spoilers for the upcoming fourth season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, images of a new Monopoly board based on the hit Netflix series have started circulating online, with some of the game's cards revealing major plot points for the new run of episodes.

Take a look at Stranger Things 4 in action below!

A Reddit thread about about the board suggests that the product was simply sold early at "a nationally recognized retailer and purchased fair and square by a consumer. Nobody stole it; nobody leaked a sample."

Regardless of how the board and cards made their way online, there are now big spoilers out there. We won't be sharing them here, but you can track them down online if you really want. Alternatively, consider this a warning to be very careful of Stranger Things 4 spoilers as we get closer to the season's release.

Understandably, the Duffer brothers are said to have had a "total meltdown" about the leaked spoilers. Sources claim they were never consulted about the Monopoly board, and definitely didn't give the go-ahead for it to be released ahead of season 4. Given that the new season has been over three years in the making, you can see why they'd be ticked off.

In other Stranger Things 4 news, it was recently confirmed that the new season is almost twice as long as Stranger Things 3 was.

Speaking to IGN, director Shawn Levy explained that that this new season's episodes have a lot packed into them. He added that there are even a few episodes coming up that are longer than some of his movies.

"I've released two movies in the time we've been making season 4," Levy said. "We have multiple episodes that are longer than both Free Guy [1 hour and 55 minutes] and The Adam Project [1 hour and 46 minutes]."

Ross Duffer added that one of the reasons Stranger Things 4 is so big is because it has a lot to get through as the characters move towards the fifth and final season.

"We've talked about this being a very revelatory season, in that there's a lot of stuff that we want to tell the audience about and reveal in terms of the Upside Down and what is really happening here in Hawkins," the writer said.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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