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Starfield won't let you ride aliens or go fishing, if you were wondering

Starfield won't let you ride aliens or go fishing, if you were wondering

Starfield won't let you ride aliens or go fishing, just in case you were wondering.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to ride an alien? No, not like that you filthy lot. Or perhaps go for an afternoon of intergalactic fishing? Well, I'm afraid you won't be having either of those experiences in Starfield.

We know that there's plenty to do in Starfield. After all, there are over 1,000 planets - and New Atlantis is reportedly the biggest city that Bethesda has ever created. I dread to think how long it will take us to complete this game - and I'm only talking about main story missions. Going for the full 100% is going to be a ridiculously mammoth task. That being said, you won't be able to go fishing or hitch a ride on a friendly alien.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Starfield below.

I’m sure talented modders might change that post-launch of Starfield. As reported by PC Gamer, Bethesda honcho Todd Howard was speaking to Kinda Funny Games and was asked a series of questions such as: “Is there a land vehicle, or an option to maybe mount some of these wildlife creatures to use as a land transportation mode of transport?” Howard simply replied: “There is not.”

Howard was also asked if you could go fishing, and he gave the very vague response: “So, is it collecting fish? Killing fish?” Reading between those lines, it probably means that you can throw a hand grenade into a lake but you can't opt for a peaceful afternoon of fishing in the traditional sense.

In related news, Todd Howard claims that The Elder Scrolls VI could be his last game. Though to be fair, seeing as we have no release date yet (despite being announced five years ago), Mr Howard will probably be around for quite a while yet. Speaking of The Elder Scrolls, the ‘Adoring Fan’ has been confirmed to return in Starfield.

Starfield will be released exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X|S on 6 September 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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