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'Starfield' Has Dozens Of Skyrim-Sized Planets, According To Leak

'Starfield' Has Dozens Of Skyrim-Sized Planets, According To Leak

Sounds... overwhelming

A substantial new Starfield leak has just revealed a ton of juicy new information about Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG, including the impressive scope of its open world. 

A leak first shared on Reddit (thanks, GamesRadar) goes into some detail about the galaxy players will explore when Starfield launches next year. It sounds like we’ll be able to choose where exactly in this vast cosmos we start our game, and will be able to choose from different planets every time we kick off a new playthrough. 

The various planets will of course have their own distinct look and feel. There’s even the suggestion that gravity will behave differently on each planet, making for fun gameplay changes. 

Perhaps most exciting of all, is that the leak claims there are “dozens” of planets to explore, most of which are bigger than Skyrim’s open world. Just to reiterate, Starfield could have multiple Skyrim-sized worlds to explore. That sounds… a little overwhelming, actually?

Fortunately, if you spot a planet you really like, you’ll be able to settle down thanks to a “much improved” evolution of Fallout 4’s settlement building system. There’ll be an entire questline built around this feature, but it sounds like it’ll be entirely optional if you’d rather stay a homeless space wanderer.

While you should definitely take this leak with the usual pinch of salt for now, it’s worth noting that a recently released behind-the-scenes trailer for Starfield did appear to corroborate one or two of the claims made. Nothing too substantial, admittedly, but enough to suggest there may be some truth to this particular leak. 

Starfield is currently expected to launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC November 11, 2022. Place your bets as to whether or not it ends up being delayed by at least a few months now. I'm gonna assume it will be.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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