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Starfield fans can start creating their character right now

Starfield fans can start creating their character right now

Fortune favours the prepared

One of the most sacred parts of any RPG is the creation of your custom character. Especially in a Bethesda game!

After all, why wouldn't you want to spend hours painfully adjusting things like the width between your eyebrows and length of your chin in a game where you spend most of your time either in first-person or wearing a helmet?

Take a look at Starfield in action below!

Far more important than deciding what your character will look like is how your character plays. There are, after all, a huge range of different builds and classes in Starfield, including warrior cooks and space ninjas.

Such a range of options can be overwhelming and, given how many planets there are to see in Starfield, you probably want to get a jump on planning out your character. The good news? You can now do exactly that.

You can head over to the fan-made Starfield character and builder planner right now to calculate various stats and work out which path is best for you when the game launches in a few days. It's worth noting that this isn't the most accurate, and is still in development, but has otherwise been meticulously built by fans who have pored over every piece of information currently available on the game.

Various aspects, skills, and stats will of course be updated once the game launches, but for now this is a pretty close-to-perfect method of getting an early start on Starfield.

Oh, and if you're really stuck for ideas about who to be in Starfield (assuming you don't just want to be you but in space), the game's subreddit is already full of brilliant ideas from imaginative fans. Personally, I'm planning on being a full-on Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds type, basically flying through space and getting into trouble.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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