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Sony Say There's "More Moves To Make" After Buying Bungie For $3.6 Billion

Sony Say There's "More Moves To Make" After Buying Bungie For $3.6 Billion

It's been announced that Sony is set to acquire Bungie, the studio behind Destiny and Halo, for $3.6 billion dollars.

Good morning, reader. What a lovely day to wake up on, with absolutely no huge gaming news having happened overnight. Wait, oh. Oh no.

So, yeah, blink and you’d have missed it. Last night, it was announced that Sony is set to acquire Bungie, in a deal worth $3.6 billion dollars. Which, compared to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, admittedly doesn’t seem that massive, but this is still billions of dollars we’re talking about. 

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Bungie is the studio behind Destiny, and perhaps even more notably, the Halo series (between its inception in 2001, up until 2010). So yeah, we’re now living in a timeline where Crash and Spyro could become Xbox exclusives, and PlayStation is set to own the team who brought Halo into the world. Wild. However, it’s been made clear that Bungie will continue to operate independently, and remain a multiplatform studio, so Xbox users shouldn’t have to worry about games being lost to the void of exclusivity.

However, it sounds like this acquisition could be just the beginning of big moves for Sony, and let’s face it, after the Microsoft Activision news, they probably have little choice. In an interview with, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan revealed that Sony is far from done: “We should absolutely expect more. We are by no means done. With PlayStation, we have a long way to go,” he said. “I will personally be spending a lot of my time with Pete [Parsons, CEO of Bungie] and the team at Bungie, helping make sure that everything beds down right and that autonomy means autonomy. But elsewhere in the organisation, we have many more moves to make.”

At this moment in time, it’s not been announced exactly when we can expect this acquisition to be finalised. Microsoft’s deal, which again, makes this one pale in comparison, is expected to go through by the end of June 2023, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Sony’s deal will be the same. Either way, this year has so far been a full blown acquisition war - it really makes you wonder who’s going to buy what next. Hopefully next time, during work hours. 

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries, Martin Katler via Unsplash

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