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Someone Made 'Minecraft' In 'Minecraft' And Now My Mind Is Melting

Someone Made 'Minecraft' In 'Minecraft' And Now My Mind Is Melting

One talented group of Minecraft players have done the impossible - Minecraft within Minecraft.

I’m not quite sure if there’s any group of gamers out there quite so dedicated to their craft (if you’ll excuse the pun) as Minecraft players. Recently, one gamer spent a whopping 2500 hours traversing around 32 million blocks to, quite literally, the edge of the world. Unfortunately, they promptly plummeted to their death as the map’s textures struggled to load in, but what a feat it was.

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Now though, one group of very talented players have made it possible to play Minecraft…within Minecraft. Which, on the surface, sounds like the least impressive thing ever, but I assure you, it’s quite the opposite. Sammyuri and their team created a huge setup within the game, using Redstone to power an 8x8x8 fully 3D-rendered world, which features mining, crafting, smelting, building mechanics, and more. 

Boasting 16 types of blocks and 32 different items, it’s genuinely mesmerising to watch this thing in action. No mods, data packs or command blocks were used, but in order to make the game playable, the team used the Minecraft High Performance Redstone Server (MCHPRS) to make the game run at over 10,000 times its normal speed. Otherwise, according to Sammyuri, the in-game Minecraft would run at just one frame every few days.

YouTube commenters are unsurprisingly blown away: “Truly incredible. I can honestly say without a hint of doubt or irony, this is the most impressive thing ever created in Minecraft,” wrote Ery. “Bruh, this was a joke from about [six] years ago that somehow turned into reality. This man made history,” commented Hayden Kiedrowski.

Featured Image Credit: sammyuri via YouTube, Mojang Studios, Nine Network

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