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'Skyrim' Beaten In Just Over An Hour By Speedrunner, And The Footage Is Wild

'Skyrim' Beaten In Just Over An Hour By Speedrunner, And The Footage Is Wild

He reckons that this isn't the quickest time he could achieve either.

One Skyrim player has managed to complete the epic and sprawling RPG in one hour and 12 minutes, beating his own world record. 

Of course, Skyrim has been out for a decade now and it continues to attract more and more players to its beautiful and wonky world. With the Anniversary Edition inciting something of renaissance for Skyrim (though, let’s be honest, it’s not like it’s gone anywhere), people have found out some of the longstanding secrets of the game. For example, it’s possible to sack off the whole prophecy of the Dragonborn and stroll around like you’re every other NPC. Or, farmers in the wilderness will sacrifice their cows to the giants in exchange for protection. 

Here's some Skyrim wins and fails for your entertainment below!

And, you can genetically engineer a squad of spider pods. The less we say about that topic, the better, though. The depth of Skyrim means that whenever I try to follow the main quest, I’ll go gallivanting off into the horizon because I was following Nirnroot chimes and then I got attacked by a Mudcrab and then I saw M'aiq the Liar and…

You get the picture. Conversely, Skyrim speedrunner nucular has the focus and commitment to a cause that, if applied to an actual cause, could see us out of the woods of climate change in a jiffy. Here’s his playthrough of the RPG that clocks in at an impressive 1:12:15:

That beat his previous world record by about two minutes. It’s “glitch-free” but that doesn’t exclude exploits like using patchy collision to scoot through Helgen scot-free and utilising “wait” to swiftly restore health, stamina and shouts, so sprinting costs hardly anything at all. Playing as a High Elf also has its advantages as they are the tallest race and therefore have the highest movement speed.

Nucular reckons that he could shave another 30 seconds off the time because he missed out a fast travel point in Solitude. I mean, hats off to him, but that fishing minigame is a-calling to me. 

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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